Friday, June 26, 2015

PokeMMO Progress

After watching a few episodes of the Pokemon Anime the nostalgia really kicked in. My interest in Pokemon came back in a flash as I started up a game on my brother's Omega Ruby game on the 3ds. Shortly after I became quite attached to a game called PokeMMO. This game is basically Fire Red and Emerald but online, with other players running around the world with you. You can battle these players, trade with them, everything you would expect from a classic MMO.

Currently, after a couple weeks of playing the game, and after about 20 hours of playing time this is my current team:

<img src="" alt="Jolteon" />lv. 36
<img src="" alt="Crobat" />lv. 46
<img src="" alt="Lapras" />lv. 26
<img src="" alt="Absol" />lv. 30
<img src="" alt="Blaziken" />lv. 47
<img src="" alt="Venusaur" />lv. 51

I will hopefully be doing some more PokeMMO posts in the near future, but I will definitely be doing more on the pokemon series in general.

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stay tuned for my next post!

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