Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood - Viewpoints and Fireballs

Hey there, it's been a few days now since my last post for Assassin's
Creed: Brotherhood. I have been busy in minecraft, creating many new
additions to my survival world.

Anyways, things have been going well, as of this post I have put in
about 3 hours in to the story mode. I am just starting to fully regain
my skills at this game again, so it is beginning to get a lot more
entertaining. Anyways, I got a few screenshots along the way.

 The Borgia Army is beginning their attack

Beautiful viewpoint in Rome.

Burning of the first Borgia tower

Well, I guess that concludes todays post. I hope you enjoyed the screen
shots. Don't forget to stop back for more. I will hopefully begin the
guide soon!

P.S - If the written guide goes well I have considered making a video
guide after as well!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Minecraft - Progress All Around

Hey everyone, welcome to today's minecraft post. Basically, the title
pretty much sums up what I am going to be showing you guys today.

As the title states there has been a little bit of progress all around,
from me expanding my mine, to making additional cosmetic fixes to my
minecart station near my mine. I even evolved what what once known as the
"Starting Area" in to a hideout bunker and watch tower as a defense.

That brings be to another point which I have not touched on, my difficulty
setting. Currently I am playing on Peaceful mode as I try to get a decent
establishment going. I think once I get diamonds I will turn the
difficulty up and start to make some more defense structures around my

Here I have an overview taken from the viewpoint. You can see a
different view of the Watchtower and Bunker, as well as the area I
have began to flatten out for the cobblestone factory to go. I still
have a bit more terraforming to do before I have enough room for the
whole thing though!

Next up we have my addition of a cobblestone factory... Yes I did say
a COBBLESTONE factory. But why would anyone ever want a cobblestone
factory, right? Well because why not? I was simply thinking of something
to add to my city amidst my long mining trips. It was getting tiring
just mining and placing blocks, so I wanted to be creative. In the
image below you can see roughly what it will look like, basically
I will have a tank of water, and a tank of lava, they will meet and
pistons will push a chain of cobblestone up to where they can easily be
mined. Ever need a little bit of cobblestone quickly? Ever need a shit ton
of cobblestone for a huge build? Here is the effortless solution. Hey,
maybe I should make a YouTube video on my factory after...!
Well, this is all I got so far.

Lastly, I would like to touch on what I said before about the map possibly
being available for download...

Well, shortly after posting this I will upload my world to Planet
Minecraft, where everyone will be able to see many more pictures, as well
as a detailed description and list of every structure and area in the

I will be putting an actual world download link up at a later date once
there has been more interesting things added, and I progress much further.
I was even thinking that at an even later date I will upload schematics
of specific structures, such as the cobble factory, who knows!?

Well, thank you for stopping by for today's minecraft post.

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Please comment if you have any comments or suggestions.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood - Introduction

You may have noticed already, but there are many other things to check out
on my website rather than just my blog. I made a page for guides quite
a while ago but to this day the page is still blank. I have always wanted
to write video game guides, I just never knew where to start. Now that I
have this website and my blog I feel like this is a good place to post,
and form a nice guide.

While I have wanted to make a guide for a while now, the main trouble for
me I think was finding a game to write a guide on. I did not want to sit
there and write a guide about a game that got boring very quickly, or that
I did not have much knowledge on.

So the game I am going to be making my first guide on is Assassins Creed:
Brotherhood. The Assassin's creed series has to be one of my favorite
video game series of all time. Seriously though, what is more fun then
running across the rooftops in medieval Rome and assassinating the
unsuspecting suspects.

Over the next week or so I will be putting some time aside to play through
Brotherhood, making a couple blog posts along the way. Once I have
completed the story mode I will be going back and creating in-depth guides
for each of the quests in the game, including a few side missions, hidden
tricks and such as well.

I am looking very forward to creating this guide, I hope you guys are too!
I would really enjoy making guides for the rest of the Assassin's Creed
games after this one, depending on how this one goes.

Thank you for reading today's post. Tune in tomorrow for another post.
I will post some screenshots soon of how my progress is going in story

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Minecraft - The Mining Begins

Ahh finally some action, since last post my focus has been primarily on trying to get a solid mine established so I can start raking in the rare ores.

My first step was creating a small area where the minecart track will arrive as well as a place to craft and store a few items.

This is what it looked like just after getting started.

After a little bit more work:

Here you can see the starting point for my open mine, I will just be hollowing out a very large area underground which I will hopefully fill with some neat underground structure in the future. You can also see the little crafting station from a different angle...

Aside from my open mine I have also been tunneling a straight path down so I can get to the lower levels. At the bottom of the staircase I made several small tunnels before running in to a large cave system, which I have yet to fully explore.

I have finally found enough resources to start creating the minecart track connecting my starter hut to the mine. So far the track is about half way completed, I am just in search of more gold at the moment.

Thats all for today guys!
Will post more as my mines get bigger and I get up to some more adventures!

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Minecraft - Planning and Establishment

Hey there everyone and welcome to today's post. Today my main focus will
be showing you guys the surrounding landscape, where everything we have
talked about is, where things will be in the future etc.

I have not played much between when last post was made and this one.

I made a tower on the highest hill within the flat plains area that I
will be building in. I will be taking all overview screenshots from this
same angle so you guys can really compare the progress.

If you look to the North you will see the second NPC village off in the
distance towards South West. I think this area will be flattened out
much more and most of the hills and ponds will be removed. As far as
right now I am thinking about using this area for farming land and
agriculture etc. However, things are very subject to change.

Off towards the east there is a more of a forested area that is slightly
more mountainous then other directions. Most of my major builds will
be located in the North/South regions because of this. It does, infact
make a good divider between the more urban region to the rural area.

If you look south you can see the majority of the things I have started/
explored already. This is where most of the urban building will take
place. I just recently added an underground tunnel from the starting
area to the large cave I found which will be used as the main mine from
this point on. I expanded the starting area room and started building
the tower on the top of it. Will post more about that soon. Also started
building a road from the NPC village to the tower in which I will be
taking screenshots from with the spare gravel I had accumulated. Next
will be to include a path from the mine and starting area to meet up
with the already existing path.

Looking West is very similar to the view from the East. Very boring,
just a strip of trees dividing the regions, as stated before. Depending
on how large this world ends up being, perhaps the trees and mountain
strip will be removed to create more land for building.

Anyways, that brings us to the end of today's post.
Please stay tuned for more as there is lots more coming!

Minecraft - Entriquit's Survival Stories

So here we go again, again this month I have had about a period of
nearly one week with no internet. Without any internet I was unable to
play Leauge of Legends or Diablo 3 so I decided to play some Minecraft.

However, unlike a couple months ago when this happened last time, I am
going to be primarily focusing my time on Minecraft towards my survival
world. I think this is mainly because I was thinking about it and I
have not really played survival, vanilla minecraft since back in the
beta and I really miss it. While I may be adding some mods in the future
for right now I am going to be playing in only vanilla, no cheat mode or
anything either.

As far as my goals for this go, I am envisioning bulding up a decently
large city over time. How big exacltly? Who knows? I will just keep
progressing while adding to my city.

So far, within approximately 10 minutes of playing this is what I have
discovered within my world.

First notice the "Starting Area"

I began to dig in to the side of the little hill as a shelter for the
first few nights. I will situate my city around this little hill as it
is quite flat and very prime bulding terrain. I will create both a small
mine here as well as potentially a smaller structure on the top of the
hill such as a small tower or something of the sorts.

Next is "NPC Village #1"

I went here quickly and looted all the wheat, carrots and potatoes and
replanted some new ones so I can return for another harvest. There was
a blacksmith here where I found a little bit of iron and some iron
leggings within the chest. Other than that not really anything
interesting... (Closer image below)

Here is a closer look at my "Starting Area". Here you can see a crafting
table and some furnaces set up. I will expand this room to be a bit
larger as well as include and entrance for a mine in here.

Also, I will try to complete a fair amount in my "Aredale" build over
the next week as well. I will hopefully get an updated version of that
with in the week. I will be adding docks and a harbor soon. Once I am
finished with the harbor I will make a new post with pictures, and
hopefully will even have a download link ready for those who are

That concludes today's post!
Please check back soon for more!

Here is a link to this post on Planet Minecraft: