Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Runescape Progress Update Video 3

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Rengar - Cute 1.5 year old guinea pig loves carrots and tickles

Meet Rengar, my boar that is now about one and a half years old. He seemed in a pretty good mood today so I decided to take him out and film him for a bit. Also took some pretty nice photos, he looks very cute.


Saturday, December 20, 2014

How to bot AQW - Dark Mystic Bot

In this video I show you how simple it is to bot on Adventure Quest Worlds. This video is showcasing the Dark Mystic bot created by Dark Mystic himself.

You can download the bot and other scripts from here:

Runescape Progress Video 2

My runescape account is beginning to take shape. Been working on lots of different skills!

Check out my second progress update video.

Friday, December 19, 2014

NytroNet - Gaming Network & Community - v0.0.1

Hey there,

My most recent web project has been working on my gaming network, NytroNet.
NytroNet will feature a multitude of gaming clans and communities under its name focusing on competitive gaming. So far the website just contains some gaming forums but over the next few weeks I will be adding lots more content! Check it out by clicking on the banner above!

Thanks for reading. Stop by tomorrow for another post!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Second Clash of Clans account

Hey guys it sure has been forever since I have posted anything, I thought the blog was losing popularity because I hadn't come back for so long but it still seems to be getting a steady amount of views each day. So I will continue to keep posting on here again.

First thing I want to talk about is the second clash of clans account I made. Things were starting to take a super long time on my main account so I decided to make another one just for fun when I have nothing to do on my other account.

I just started the account yesterday and here are the two progress shots that I have so far.

Day 1

Day 2

Here you can see the growth of my base over the fist two days. I will post some screenshots of my main account here pretty soon so you guys can see!

Also, I found a pretty cool social networking site made for gamers a while back, I haven't used it for a very long time but it looks like it is starting to get a much bigger user base so I decided to check it out again. Here is a link for anyone that wants to check it out. Player.me

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Amazing Minecraft Cinematic

My friend made an incredible Minecraft Cinematic, using some mods and Sonic Ether's Unbelievable shaders, thought I would share.

This video was made on the Official NytroNet server.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Runescape Progress 4 - 100k total xp

Well there we have it, finally hit 100k total XP. I have been working on my woodcutting and firemaking skills a lot recently. Hope to hit level 50 soon.

On another note, I started an official progress log thread on se7ensins forums. I will be updating it a lot more frequently than I post here. So if you are interested in smaller, less detailed, but more frequent posts head over there and check it out. I will continue to post most of my larger accomplishments on here still, as well as continue the video progress updates. The last few days have been pretty chill and I have been playing a lot, so I have a lot more progress coming soon, stay tuned!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Runescape Progress 3

Today marks my third post on my RuneScape progress. As promised I have included a video for today's post. I will be making a video for every third blog post, as the blog posts will be more detailed descriptions.

I go over my bank items, my skills and my goals for next episode.

Hope you enjoyed the video, make sure to comment, like and subscribe!
More Runescape progress coming soon, stay tuned!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Runescape Progress 2

Wow, has it ever been a while since I posted my last RuneScape progress post. The main reason for this is the fact that my other account was actually banned, for reasons I will not share. After dealing with RuneScape support they confirmed that if I create a new account it WILL NOT be banned for the faults that my old account had.

I also decided it was time for me to try members. I have never had members in this game before but since to the ability to buy bonds in game with gold, and my friend giving me 10m, I thought it was time. It really does make the game way more fun, I will stick with a members account from now on.

So here we are, a week or so after the fact. As you can see I am starting to get my bank established.

Been working hard on my combat skills, already got some Carapace armor.

Got on of my friends to help me out with some gold!

As you can see here, skills are similar to what they were
on my old account before it got banned. Been working
on my combat skills a bit.

Next RuneScape progress post will include a video! I will continue to make a video for every third post in the future. The videos will feature more in-depth progress reports.

Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed today's post. Come back next time!

Pokemon Heart Gold Progress

Progress Page

Heart Gold Progress:
Pokemon League:
First Attempt:
Check mark symbol
Check mark symbol
Check mark symbol
Check mark symbol
X symbol

Party Pokemon



Other Pokemon


Progress Page

Sunday, August 24, 2014

WildStar - The Northern Wilds

It has been a couple days since I embarked on my WildStar adventure. I have been making progress, slowly but surely. Last post I left the ship to travel to the Northern Wilds, today I am arriving there. Northern Wilds is one of the two Exile starting areas. It features a large, rocky mountain valley covered in a thin layer of snow. I think this area is much more beautiful than Everstar Grove, which is just a classic forest with giant trees, seen to too many times. I am looking forward to continuing my adventure in a different area.

Arriving in the Northern Wilds.

A beacon of light, I may make some cool graphic or wallpaper out
of this image, it looks really cool.

My first time leveling up in the new zone :)

A beautiful view of the valley.

Yaaaaay, more levels!

My character overview and stats, nearing the end of the zone!
Next post i'll be off to Algaroc!

Thank you for reading today's post!
Currently in the process of working on a rom website, make sure to check that out - romriot.com

Also, got some people working on some game guides! Stay tuned for those :)

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Web Design Project - RomRiot.com | Your #1 emulation destination! - Progress 1

Today I will be taking a break from WildStar to shift my focus over to my latest web design project, RomRiot.com. The website is in super early development. Just got the theme customized to look how I would like it to look in the future. However, I do plan on eventually making a custom theme, as this was a free template that came from Bastovan.

I have tons ideas for this website and I hope it to revolutionize the retro gaming and emulation scene. However, as this is early development these are not details I would like to share at the moment.

 This is the websites homepage;
You can navigate to the different pages from here. The page has
an animated intro when you visit the page. The background will
also frequently change as the page is refreshed.

This is what the homepage looks like if you either
scroll down, or click the "See More" button you
can see in the screenshot above.

Just today I started experimenting with different plugins to manage
how the roms and emulators will be sorted within the site. In the end
I ended up going with a simple portfolio plugin.

My next tasks will be to get all the pages set up for the different
emulators and ROM's. After that I will begin to add the content.

Thank you for reading, if you have time please check out the site: romriot.com

Stay tuned for next post!

Friday, August 22, 2014

WildStar - Making Progress

Been making some progress since earlier today, finished all the main tutorial quests and left the ship. I chose Northern Wilds as my starting zone, since I chose Everstar Grove last time. Here some screenshots.

The greenhouse area, had to rescue some vegetables?

Ehhhh! I leveled up! This was mainly to show off how sick the
"Level Up!" popup looks in this game. It makes me happy :)

Got some new gear :) here are my stats as well!

Well, off to Northern Wilds! I'll see you there!

WildStar - InfinityEdge the Mordesh Warrior

Yesterday's post included screenshots from all of my newly created WildStar characters. Well, here is InfinityEdge, my Mordesh Warrior, running the Soldier path.

This is the character I plan to level first. I will be taking screenshots along the way to document my progress. I will be trying to make several guide videos throughout the leveling of this character. I can't wait to get to max level and start participating in the raids, they look so intense!

Here is what InfinityEdge looks like just after character creation.

Freshly started game :)

Just obtained my first weapon! Fighting with the warrior is very exciting,
as positioning is a key factor in your success.

Just reached level 2!

Well guys, I have a few more posts lined up and ready to go, progress in this game hasn't been going too bad so far! So happy gaming, and stay tuned for tomorrow post!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

WildStar - A new beginning

Today marked the new beginning to my experience with the game Wild Star.

I bought this game a few weeks back, but have only played it a handfull of times. This game is incredible! Especially if you were a WoW player. This game features many, many similar features that WoW has, however also includes a very fresh combat experience unlike any other I have experienced in any MMORPG game.

Today, I created all 12 of my characters I plan to have, 6 exile and 6 dominion, on different servers. One for each playable class on both dominion and exile. I did this mainly to reserve the names I would be wanting for each character in the future.

I spent roughly an hour today doing some character creation, getting every character to look exactly how I wanted it, with WildStar's very cuztomizable character creation.

Here is a preview of what all my characters look like, with only 2 above level one.

Dominion Characters: (Widow PvP)

Exile Characters: (Bloodsworn PvP)

Currently experimenting with the different classes to see which one(s) I find the most enjoyable to play. I am thinking about leveling up my Mordesh Warrior - InfinityEdge first. More Wilstar Posts coming soon! Happy Gaming!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

[Minecraft] Survival Server - The Waterways

Worked on the minecraft survival servers waterway systems today. Most servers have some sort of highway or road system within their server. We currently have both roads and waterways connecting the different cities within the server. We are also going to add underground transportation systems in the near future, making it very easy to navigate the server.

Here is a picture of the dynmap for the server. The red is the man-made
waterway from the spawn to minewood. The blue is where the entrance
to our underground city it (more about this later).

I added some brick, fence and glowstone to the overhang from MineWood to make
it look a bit nicer. This is where I plan to build the main port for MineWood.

Here is a shot of what the waterways look like from the player's perspective.
There was originally a river here, however I expanded the width of it.

This is the entrance to the underground city. It is an ongoing project on the server.
Player's are welcome to visit, however, there isn't really anything to see
down there yet. Plus, it is a huge hassle to get back up to the surface currently.

Thank you for reading today's post. Please stop by the server to check things out!

[NytroNet] Survival Server

View [NytroNet] Survival Server on Planet Minecraft