Saturday, August 23, 2014

Web Design Project - | Your #1 emulation destination! - Progress 1

Today I will be taking a break from WildStar to shift my focus over to my latest web design project, The website is in super early development. Just got the theme customized to look how I would like it to look in the future. However, I do plan on eventually making a custom theme, as this was a free template that came from Bastovan.

I have tons ideas for this website and I hope it to revolutionize the retro gaming and emulation scene. However, as this is early development these are not details I would like to share at the moment.

 This is the websites homepage;
You can navigate to the different pages from here. The page has
an animated intro when you visit the page. The background will
also frequently change as the page is refreshed.

This is what the homepage looks like if you either
scroll down, or click the "See More" button you
can see in the screenshot above.

Just today I started experimenting with different plugins to manage
how the roms and emulators will be sorted within the site. In the end
I ended up going with a simple portfolio plugin.

My next tasks will be to get all the pages set up for the different
emulators and ROM's. After that I will begin to add the content.

Thank you for reading, if you have time please check out the site:

Stay tuned for next post!

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