Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Adventure Quest Worlds - Rogue Class Level 10

Late last night I reached my goal of reaching level 10 with the rogue class. The rogue class was quite impressive and had very good damage over time, but slightly lacked in burst damage. Rogues are great for being in a group with a healer along with a more bursty damage class.

As you can see I now have two classes at level 10, the Warrior and Rogue. My next goal is healer rank 10 and then mage. I will be doing all the basic classes first and then moving in to AC and member only classes.

I also plan to make a new account and start doing a let's play series on YouTube along with many other guide/tutorial videos, so please stay tuned for that, I will have more information coming soon.

I have updated my account page which you can check here:
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Or you can check out my account on the official aqw website:
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