Monday, March 31, 2014

UnovaRPG - Full shiny team complete

Over the last few weeks I have been actively playing UnovaRPG in between League queues. I have been working pretty hard to get my first whole team to level 100, and just recently I have achieved this goal. Not only do I now have a full level 100 team, but they are all shinies.

My next goal is to complete the rest of the gym leaders. Then I plan to start on my full metal team.

On another note, I am now part of Team Dark Terror.

Also, I am now just starting to level pokemon for IC$, so if you have a pokemon you wish to be level 100 just message me in game and we can work out prices and such. Currently, I am in development of another website where you will be able to purchase pokemon training as well as brand new level 100 pokemon! I will post more information on that as I get more work done on it.

HERE you can check out my current team and profile!

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