Friday, April 18, 2014

Unova RPG - Team Bulbasaur - Pokedex 1/718

After getting a couple full level 100 teams in Unova RPG, as well as beating all gym leaders/elite four I was left wondering what to do next. After some consideration I have decided my next step is to complete the Unova RPG pokedex. While in most other pokemon games this is not a huge accomplishment however, in Unova RPG this is a different story. Rather than catching one of every pokemon it is meant to capture one of every pokemon, of each type (Normal, Shiny, Metallic, Gold, Dark and Mystic) so this adds up to be 6 of every pokemon. But what makes this even more difficult is the fact that evolutions do not count, for example: If I had a full team of bulbasaurs and levelled them up and evolved them into Venusaurs it would only count towards my Venusaur on the pokedex, rather than Bulbasaur, Ivysaur and Venusaur.

So as you can see this will be a very long project but eventually it will be done.

I have completed my very first team for the pokedex, Bulbasaur. I have a long journey ahead but I am off to an alright start.

I will be posting along the way so please stay tuned as I work hard to complete this challenge!

On another note, my pokemon training website is now available to the public, it is still under construction but for the most part it is fairly functional. Pokemon Purchase

Happy Gaming! 

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