Thursday, May 22, 2014

Diablo 3 - Anniversary Loot

As you all may know, last week was Diablo 3's second anniversary. To celebrate legendary drop rates were increased by 100% for a week. While I didn't get as much playing in for the week as I would have liked I was still please with the legendaries I was able to farm in between levelling my Witch Doctor. All the legendaries shown below were found within approximately 2-3 hours of running rifts on Torment 1 with my monk.

For this post I am going to be showcasing most of the legendaries I found during last week. The reason I am not including all of the legendaries I found is because some of them were completely useless and others I simply forgot to screenshot.

From now on I will try to take a screenshot of every half decent legendary I find and do some posts to show you guys my loot every once in a while.

Stalgard's Decimator

The Grandfather

Aquila Cuirass

Band of Hollow Whispers

Autmun's Call


Born's Defiance Plan

Unfortunately, none of these drops were spectacular and as you can see only a few of them were an upgrade.

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