Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Diablo 3 - Monk Level 70

Shortly after getting my Demon Hunter from 60-70 I then changed my focus over to my monk, who was the first character I ever made on Diablo 3. It did not take long running bounties and rifts to get my Monk to 70.  After messing around with skills and such I have begun to build my monk specifically for farming bounties and rifts as that is where I see them to be the strongest, with the right spells and items you can make monks run so fast that I can now complete a single normal bounty in as little as one minute, and that is with only just below 300k DPS.

I will be working on this farming build more in the future and will release a post and a video once I work out all the kinks and such.

This is what my monk currently looks like, I do not have a screenshot of when I initially reached level 70.

Tomorrow I will be posting about my Wizard, stay tuned!

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