Thursday, May 15, 2014

Diablo 3 - Wizard Level 70

Only a few short hours after I was able to get my wizard up to level 70 with my monk and demon hunter. The Wizard, in my opinion is the most diverse class in the game, it is so much fun to play and there are so many item and skill combinations for them that it almost seems like there are endless possibilities.  I plan to use wizard as my character to advance in to the higher torment levels, seeing as it has great damage output as well as half decent survivability.

I will be posting updates on my Wizard as I advance in to the higher difficulties as well as come up with some more neat wizard builds.

Here is a screenshot of what my wizard currently looks like, I did not have a picture from when I first hit 70.

Also, don't forget to add me in game, I would love to play with everyone! DrPoontang#1840

Tomorrow's post will be regarding reaching level 70 on my barbarian!

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