Saturday, June 21, 2014

Minecraft - Progress All Around

Hey everyone, welcome to today's minecraft post. Basically, the title
pretty much sums up what I am going to be showing you guys today.

As the title states there has been a little bit of progress all around,
from me expanding my mine, to making additional cosmetic fixes to my
minecart station near my mine. I even evolved what what once known as the
"Starting Area" in to a hideout bunker and watch tower as a defense.

That brings be to another point which I have not touched on, my difficulty
setting. Currently I am playing on Peaceful mode as I try to get a decent
establishment going. I think once I get diamonds I will turn the
difficulty up and start to make some more defense structures around my

Here I have an overview taken from the viewpoint. You can see a
different view of the Watchtower and Bunker, as well as the area I
have began to flatten out for the cobblestone factory to go. I still
have a bit more terraforming to do before I have enough room for the
whole thing though!

Next up we have my addition of a cobblestone factory... Yes I did say
a COBBLESTONE factory. But why would anyone ever want a cobblestone
factory, right? Well because why not? I was simply thinking of something
to add to my city amidst my long mining trips. It was getting tiring
just mining and placing blocks, so I wanted to be creative. In the
image below you can see roughly what it will look like, basically
I will have a tank of water, and a tank of lava, they will meet and
pistons will push a chain of cobblestone up to where they can easily be
mined. Ever need a little bit of cobblestone quickly? Ever need a shit ton
of cobblestone for a huge build? Here is the effortless solution. Hey,
maybe I should make a YouTube video on my factory after...!
Well, this is all I got so far.

Lastly, I would like to touch on what I said before about the map possibly
being available for download...

Well, shortly after posting this I will upload my world to Planet
Minecraft, where everyone will be able to see many more pictures, as well
as a detailed description and list of every structure and area in the

I will be putting an actual world download link up at a later date once
there has been more interesting things added, and I progress much further.
I was even thinking that at an even later date I will upload schematics
of specific structures, such as the cobble factory, who knows!?

Well, thank you for stopping by for today's minecraft post.

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