Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Minecraft - Planning and Establishment

Hey there everyone and welcome to today's post. Today my main focus will
be showing you guys the surrounding landscape, where everything we have
talked about is, where things will be in the future etc.

I have not played much between when last post was made and this one.

I made a tower on the highest hill within the flat plains area that I
will be building in. I will be taking all overview screenshots from this
same angle so you guys can really compare the progress.

If you look to the North you will see the second NPC village off in the
distance towards South West. I think this area will be flattened out
much more and most of the hills and ponds will be removed. As far as
right now I am thinking about using this area for farming land and
agriculture etc. However, things are very subject to change.

Off towards the east there is a more of a forested area that is slightly
more mountainous then other directions. Most of my major builds will
be located in the North/South regions because of this. It does, infact
make a good divider between the more urban region to the rural area.

If you look south you can see the majority of the things I have started/
explored already. This is where most of the urban building will take
place. I just recently added an underground tunnel from the starting
area to the large cave I found which will be used as the main mine from
this point on. I expanded the starting area room and started building
the tower on the top of it. Will post more about that soon. Also started
building a road from the NPC village to the tower in which I will be
taking screenshots from with the spare gravel I had accumulated. Next
will be to include a path from the mine and starting area to meet up
with the already existing path.

Looking West is very similar to the view from the East. Very boring,
just a strip of trees dividing the regions, as stated before. Depending
on how large this world ends up being, perhaps the trees and mountain
strip will be removed to create more land for building.

Anyways, that brings us to the end of today's post.
Please stay tuned for more as there is lots more coming!

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