Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Minecraft - Entriquit's Survival Stories

So here we go again, again this month I have had about a period of
nearly one week with no internet. Without any internet I was unable to
play Leauge of Legends or Diablo 3 so I decided to play some Minecraft.

However, unlike a couple months ago when this happened last time, I am
going to be primarily focusing my time on Minecraft towards my survival
world. I think this is mainly because I was thinking about it and I
have not really played survival, vanilla minecraft since back in the
beta and I really miss it. While I may be adding some mods in the future
for right now I am going to be playing in only vanilla, no cheat mode or
anything either.

As far as my goals for this go, I am envisioning bulding up a decently
large city over time. How big exacltly? Who knows? I will just keep
progressing while adding to my city.

So far, within approximately 10 minutes of playing this is what I have
discovered within my world.

First notice the "Starting Area"

I began to dig in to the side of the little hill as a shelter for the
first few nights. I will situate my city around this little hill as it
is quite flat and very prime bulding terrain. I will create both a small
mine here as well as potentially a smaller structure on the top of the
hill such as a small tower or something of the sorts.

Next is "NPC Village #1"

I went here quickly and looted all the wheat, carrots and potatoes and
replanted some new ones so I can return for another harvest. There was
a blacksmith here where I found a little bit of iron and some iron
leggings within the chest. Other than that not really anything
interesting... (Closer image below)

Here is a closer look at my "Starting Area". Here you can see a crafting
table and some furnaces set up. I will expand this room to be a bit
larger as well as include and entrance for a mine in here.

Also, I will try to complete a fair amount in my "Aredale" build over
the next week as well. I will hopefully get an updated version of that
with in the week. I will be adding docks and a harbor soon. Once I am
finished with the harbor I will make a new post with pictures, and
hopefully will even have a download link ready for those who are

That concludes today's post!
Please check back soon for more!

Here is a link to this post on Planet Minecraft:

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