Sunday, August 24, 2014

WildStar - The Northern Wilds

It has been a couple days since I embarked on my WildStar adventure. I have been making progress, slowly but surely. Last post I left the ship to travel to the Northern Wilds, today I am arriving there. Northern Wilds is one of the two Exile starting areas. It features a large, rocky mountain valley covered in a thin layer of snow. I think this area is much more beautiful than Everstar Grove, which is just a classic forest with giant trees, seen to too many times. I am looking forward to continuing my adventure in a different area.

Arriving in the Northern Wilds.

A beacon of light, I may make some cool graphic or wallpaper out
of this image, it looks really cool.

My first time leveling up in the new zone :)

A beautiful view of the valley.

Yaaaaay, more levels!

My character overview and stats, nearing the end of the zone!
Next post i'll be off to Algaroc!

Thank you for reading today's post!
Currently in the process of working on a rom website, make sure to check that out -

Also, got some people working on some game guides! Stay tuned for those :)

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