Tuesday, August 19, 2014

[Minecraft] Survival Server - The Waterways

Worked on the minecraft survival servers waterway systems today. Most servers have some sort of highway or road system within their server. We currently have both roads and waterways connecting the different cities within the server. We are also going to add underground transportation systems in the near future, making it very easy to navigate the server.

Here is a picture of the dynmap for the server. The red is the man-made
waterway from the spawn to minewood. The blue is where the entrance
to our underground city it (more about this later).

I added some brick, fence and glowstone to the overhang from MineWood to make
it look a bit nicer. This is where I plan to build the main port for MineWood.

Here is a shot of what the waterways look like from the player's perspective.
There was originally a river here, however I expanded the width of it.

This is the entrance to the underground city. It is an ongoing project on the server.
Player's are welcome to visit, however, there isn't really anything to see
down there yet. Plus, it is a huge hassle to get back up to the surface currently.

Thank you for reading today's post. Please stop by the server to check things out!

[NytroNet] Survival Server

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