Thursday, August 21, 2014

WildStar - A new beginning

Today marked the new beginning to my experience with the game Wild Star.

I bought this game a few weeks back, but have only played it a handfull of times. This game is incredible! Especially if you were a WoW player. This game features many, many similar features that WoW has, however also includes a very fresh combat experience unlike any other I have experienced in any MMORPG game.

Today, I created all 12 of my characters I plan to have, 6 exile and 6 dominion, on different servers. One for each playable class on both dominion and exile. I did this mainly to reserve the names I would be wanting for each character in the future.

I spent roughly an hour today doing some character creation, getting every character to look exactly how I wanted it, with WildStar's very cuztomizable character creation.

Here is a preview of what all my characters look like, with only 2 above level one.

Dominion Characters: (Widow PvP)

Exile Characters: (Bloodsworn PvP)

Currently experimenting with the different classes to see which one(s) I find the most enjoyable to play. I am thinking about leveling up my Mordesh Warrior - InfinityEdge first. More Wilstar Posts coming soon! Happy Gaming!


  1. Those are some pretty awesome characters.

    1. Thanks, I can't imagine what they will look like when they get leveled up!