Friday, August 22, 2014

WildStar - InfinityEdge the Mordesh Warrior

Yesterday's post included screenshots from all of my newly created WildStar characters. Well, here is InfinityEdge, my Mordesh Warrior, running the Soldier path.

This is the character I plan to level first. I will be taking screenshots along the way to document my progress. I will be trying to make several guide videos throughout the leveling of this character. I can't wait to get to max level and start participating in the raids, they look so intense!

Here is what InfinityEdge looks like just after character creation.

Freshly started game :)

Just obtained my first weapon! Fighting with the warrior is very exciting,
as positioning is a key factor in your success.

Just reached level 2!

Well guys, I have a few more posts lined up and ready to go, progress in this game hasn't been going too bad so far! So happy gaming, and stay tuned for tomorrow post!

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