Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness - Playthrough/Walkthrough preview

Hello everyone, as a little bit of a side project from recording my Minecraft series I downloaded the Dolphin emulator so I could play some old GameCube game on my computer.

I downloaded a handfull of games, from Pokemon, to Dragon Ball Z. However, my favorite one, also the most nostalgic, Pokemon XD was the one that I decided to make a series for first. I currently have a couple episodes recorded. These episodes are a Walkthroughs and do not contain commentary. I will also be creating a written guide for the game as well as updating posts on here frequently as the videos are uploaded.

I snagged some screenshots while recording the first episode to give you a bit of an idea on what the game looks like if you haven't seen/heard of it before. It is definitely one of my favorite pokemon games of all time!

Check it out!

This is just a little preview of what the map looks like in the game. You go to the map to travel to the different destinations within the world. These are only the first two areas in the game, as you continue your adventure many more locations will be added to the map!

This is what the battle scene looks like in the game, however this is the very first battle, after this all battles are in fact, double battles making the game interesting! It is all 3d models and the camera will switch positions throughout the battle giving you tons of different perspectives.

Lastly, I got a screenshot of the character travelling from one location on the map to another. On the back of the scooter is your little sister, Jovi, who will accompany you on a couple different missions.

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